The health, safety and welfare of our colleagues, clients, suppliers, and community is our highest priority at this time, whilst being simultaneously committed to operations resilience and business continuity.

We have initiated comprehensive contingency measures behind the scenes that enable us to operate effectively and allow Belcore Global to continue to work closely with our clients to deliver service excellence without delay, whilst safeguarding one and all.

Our network of agents and operational teams are available to support clients in the usual way as we are keen to minimise the impact of COVID-19 and help support the Global trade recovery.

Our COVID-19 steering group, comprising of internal Belcore Global subject matter experts continues to meet and strategise on a regular basis as to how best we deal with the ongoing situation. Running parallel, we continue to take a range of practical proactive steps, which include but are not limited to:

  • Keeping the number of visitors frequenting our HQ in Mayfair to an absolute minimum
  • Arranged for Belcore Global colleagues to work from home where viable
  • Conducting the majority of meetings remotely via Teams and Zoom etc
  • We continue to liaise with suppliers to ensure that they are taking their own steps to adhere to best practice e.g. Availability of hygiene products, the wearing of face coverings where required and the preservation of social distancing
  • Infection reporting processes are now in situ and are monitored by the Belcore Global SLT on a daily basis
  • A number of relevant contingency scenarios have been played out and can be swiftly initiated should the course of events alter over the coming months

COVID-19 – An important message from Belcore Global


We are able to supply an extensive range of quality products, whether it be raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. Belcore Global are famed for our ability to unearth these premium products at competitive prices, relying on a vast network of dependable suppliers who are all fully au fait with and immersed in the Belcore Global ethos.


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